Monday, May 20, 2013

Darlington, y'all

Happy Monday kids.
I'm behind on blogging, so I will jump right in with a recap of our little trip to Darlington for the Southern 500 and a funny (to me anyways) story.
Call me a bad Southerner, but I am not really too into NASCAR. (I am also not huge on the famously Southern drink Mint Julep. The Lilly print yes, of course. The actual drink not so much.)
I don't have a driver and don't really care about the outcome of the race, but we always have a good time, so I guess that is why I am usually down to go to a NASCAR race. 
Oh the things we saw. Check out this redneck swimmin' hole!
Me and my friend Marcia before we went into the race.
Marcia and her hubby John.
Me and Nick.

Now for the funny story. Marcia and I were walking around and she was in awe at the amount of redneckness we saw. We were having a good time taking in the sights, and Marcia says to me, "Hey, look at that girl." I looked and sort of chuckled, and went on about my business. Then I did a double take. I said, "Marcia, I know that girl, she is from my hometown and tried to beat my @$$ one time."
Yes, sad to say that is true! About ten years ago two girls tried to get me to fight them at my old job over my ex-bf. I had never been in a fight in my life (still haven't) and wouldn't fight them. I was actually confused at first about what they were trying to do, until it clicked in my brain, "oh, these girls want to get into a physical fight."
A friend was inside the bar at my old job, saw them trying to start something, and ran outside and told them she would beat them up (she is in the military and is a tough cookie) and they ran away scared. That is a good friend! Haha.
And can I just add that I think more events should have BoJangles for sale at concessions!
Hope everyone has a good Monday afternoon!



  1. when brandon and i started dating he worked in racing and we still have a few friends that do. its as much a people watching sport for me as anything. oh an the ability to drink a lot and not be judged :) glad you survived!

  2. One of my husband's friends is into NASCAR, and dragged us to a Nationwide race one weekend. It was blazing hot, and I kept my eye on the lap meter the whole time...I kept trying not to look at it, in hopes that the "next" time I looked, there would only be a few laps left to go!

    The people watching aspect of it is fun, but other than that, I am fine to be reading a book on the couch, while the cars do laps on TV. :)

  3. Carolina baseball games sell Bojangles at the concession stand...mmm! Not good for the waistline, but it sure is yummy.