Monday, April 1, 2013

Weekend Roundup

I had a pretty chill weekend, but did manage to venture out to the mall with Nick and pick out our wedding china.
We picked Kate Spade Cypress Point and I L-O-V-E it.
I love my dishes more than probably anything else we've registered for.
You can't see the detail on it here, but they are really pretty in person.
Now for an update on grad school-this just makes me say, "What?!"
{Please excuse my rant. Or feel free to skip reading it altogether.}
I got accepted to graduate school for a program I really really want to do in March. I was ecstatic. I paid my deposit to hold my spot and turned in my signed letter of intent. I then received a letter with some instructions for getting a background check, immunizations, TB skin test, CPR all sounded standard.
So far I have just made it to getting the background check and signing up for a CPR class at the Red Cross. The background check was $90 and the CPR class was $110! That is $200 I would have liked to spend elsewhere. Geez!
I made an appointment for my immunizations and TB skin test and that will be almost another $200! OMG is all I can say.
I am still really happy about going to school, overjoyed really, but that added up fast. I swear for about three years before I met Nick nothing ever happened in my life. Total inertia. Then, boom, everything happens at once!
It is GREAT, just a lot of expense all at one time.
I've been out of school for a while, so I forgot how they always stick you with a bunch of fees and such. I was NOT expecting that.
Isn't that always how it works, you think you have some money saved up, and bam something happens so you have to spend it?
SO happy it is almost five!! Have a good rest of your Monday. 

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