Friday, April 19, 2013


I'm happy Friday is here, and I even get to leave work a little early to deliver a dish I made last night to a coworker who is out for surgery.
Tomorrow is super busy, but I'm okay with that since its Engagement Picture Day. It feels like getting ready for a pageant (except I'm not at my pageant wafer weight :/).
9:00 get up (coffee)
9:30 go to tanning bed (I know its bad for you, but tan fat looks better than pale fat)
10:30 yoga class
11:30 get in sauna at gym and try to sweat off some water weight
12:00 back home
2:00 shower and roll hair
3:00 makeup at friend's house
5:30 pictures
I devoted way too much time on Pinterest this every week and I am OBSESSED with this picture. This reception is just beyond gorgeous to me.
I always said I was going to get married at my BFF Joe's old house in my hometown. A few years ago he sold the house and moved to Baltimore, but I imagine a reception in his yard would have looked like this. His home was Victorian and the landscaping and everything was just to die for. It would have been a perfect place for a wedding.
This is a house I pinned that is similar to Joe's.
There was not a lot to do for fun in our town, so we made our own fun. Many hours were spent at Joe's watching movies and S&TC, eating bagels with peanut butter, drinking Diet Coke, having steaks and baked potatoes on the porch, and making frozen drinks in the blender into the wee hours of the morning.
I saw this on Pinterest and it made me lol.
So true!

Have a good weekend!!


  1. ooo engagement photos!! I cannot wait to hear/see how they turn out, you're going to look fab! (and you have no fat, so none of that.)

  2. Can't wait to see your engagement photos. I kind of regret not getting any done of us, but at the same time - our wedding photos were so spectacular (if I do say so myself) that I don't really mind.