Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Weekend Recap

Another great weekend has come and gone. Friday I watched The Bachelor and didn't do much else. Saturday morning I went to barre, then took a nap and took it easy. Saturday night we went to Cantina 76 and it was AMZING. I love Cantina 76 so much. Our friend Mariah (the Reverend's wife) met us since the Rev was out of town with their kids. We had a great time.
I gave up social media (fb, twitter, and Instagram) for Lent so I haven't been taking a lot of pictures. This is the only picture I took this weekend. I still think the iPhone 6 takes TERRBILE pictures. Has anyone else noticed this?
Sunday morning I went to church, then studied and got some chores done around the house. I was supposed to go to something at church Sunday night, and fell asleep on the couch so I never made it. Shame!
Our trip to Mexico is in only 17 days, so I have GOT to get it together and shed some weight. Our night at Cantina 76 did nothing towards that goal. I am doing barre three times this week, and hopefully I will stay on track with my eating.
We are supposed to get ice later today and it was actually sleeting while I was driving to work this morning, so I really cannot believe we are here today. Everyone be safe in this weather!
 photo fran_zps8ed6144f.png


  1. We are leaving for the Bahamas in 48 days and I keep telling myself I need to kick it in gear too but I am sure I am going to be like you are at 17 days out decided to do something about it! What have you thought about the Bachelor so far?

  2. Yay for vacay for sure! Giving up social media for lent. I should have done that but I'm not Catholic! LOL!!

  3. Darn! I really want an iPhone 6, but I have heard the picture quality isnt the best. What a bummer! You still look beautiful though!