Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A Perfect Day

I am loving life on winter break. Yesterday was a perfect day. I worked (so not really a perfect day), got off, walked both dogs (yay for 60 degree days in December), and then settled in for a night of tv watching. I made hot chocolate and cuddled up under a blanket with the dogs in front of the tv.
We watched Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. That has never been my favorite cast, and Brandi gets on my last nerve, but I still enjoyed it. I like it slightly better now that Ashley Abbott Eileen Davis is on the show.
I am going to barre today and probably Friday as well, but other than that I see lots of catching up on tv in my future and I am happy about it. That might be a lame thing to want to do with your free time, but my free time is precious because I don't get much of it and I want to spend it relaxing.
I am also loving Party Down South 2 right now. Do any of y'all watch it?
Ashton is hands down my favorite. She seems like such a nice girl and is so cute. I want to tell her to stay away from Bradley! I love the name Ashton.
Raven is beyond annoying and is so lazy, and I don't know why Bradley likes her. He's not exactly some great prize, so I say she can have him. Tommy is cute as a button. Karynda is funny, but wow is she country. In my opinion, where she is from (Jacksonville NC) is very country. I am unfortunately familiar with Camp Lejune and Jacksonville NC since I used to date someone in the military. Do not get me wrong, I have A LOT of appreciation for our military and I am proud to have a lot of family members in the military. They make a lot of sacrifices, and I am very grateful for that. Jacksonville is just very country, and I personally have a really bad association with it and Camp Lejune. (You know everyone has a nasty ass ex.) All of that makes me very grateful that I am married to the person I am married to!!
In fact, with that in mind I need to remember to do something extra nice for my hubby. He will gone on a fun hunting trip with the Reverend (our friend that married us) for several days so I will have to make myself a note so I don't forget.
This post was kind of all over the place, but it is what's on my mind today. Happy Hump Day everyone!
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  1. All over the place posts are fun!!!!

    New follower, excited to be reading!

  2. I'm like you ... I absolutely love kicking back and relaxing with some Housewives -- my husband would say it's the biggest waste of time but I love to just zoooooone outtttt!

  3. I have only seen that show when they feature it on The Soup. They make so much fun of it that I just can't (#whitegirljustcant). Plus, HGTV and cooking shows are as far into reality tv as my brain can handle.

  4. Catching up on my DVR shows is one of my favorite things to do haha. Luckily, I get off work for two weeks due to Christmas and New Years, so I plan to watch a lot of TV!

  5. I love me some Bravo! RHOBH is my fav!