Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Our White Thanksgiving

Nick and I spent Thanksgiving in Iowa with his family this year. We had a white Thanksgiving! Needless to say, although we had a great time, I was very happy to get back down South to warmer weather. I am not a fan of cold temps.
Yadi sleeping in the car on the way to Iowa  
 We stopped for lunch in Hannibal, MO and I thought of Gone Girl.
 Out for drinks after Thanksgiving
 We drove past the farm where Yadi came from

I came home to this very nice surprise from Lauren Paige of LPS Designs!!

I did not go Black Friday shopping. I used to do it, but I just don't like it anymore. Especially now that it starts on Thursday evening. I feel bad for the people that work retail. I DID get some great deals yesterday during Cyber Monday however! I got these (and these -I LOVE the tin!) for both sets of grandparents, and this cute little guy for my grandmother in Dallas. She is a wine drinker like I am. I'm pretty sure I could order one of everything from their entire Christmas section. I got a few other gifts as well yesterday. If you ask me, Cyber Monday is where it's at!! (I hated to end that sentence using a preposition.)
I hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday!! I am trying to get myself prepared for finals, so things are going to be a little crazy for me until next week is over.
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  1. I think I could tolerate cold weather if it would *stay* cold for a while. None of the back-and-forth between warmth and cold every week!

    I am disgusted by Thanksgiving/Black Friday, especially after eight off-and-on years of working in retail. There is no reason to make people freak out when they still have almost a month to do their Christmas shopping. I once spent a Thanksgiving alone in the electronics department of a K-Mart. UGH. Even Target on Black Friday wasn't that bad.

  2. We spent Thanksgiving with Will's parents too! I'm happy, because a) it was fun, and b) we get to spend Christmas with my parents. Double score! I didn't Black Friday shop either. We hit up some outlets on the way home, but it wasn't as busy or annoying on Saturday.

  3. I love your napkins and cups--too cute! I don't think I've ever experienced a white holiday! I've always thought it would be so pretty to have a white Christmas or Thanksgiving, but I'm bored with snow about a day after it falls haha!

    I could go on an entire rant about this, but Black Friday has gotten so out of hand. There's no need for anyone to be shopping on Thanksgiving night--go spend time with your families! I hope it tones down over the next few years.

  4. Online deals far outweigh the in store ones if nothing but not having to deal with rude people! hope yall had a good trip! and give me all the peppermint bark!