Tuesday, August 12, 2014

DC/Baltimore Trip Recap

We had an absolutely amazing trip to DC and Baltimore. We left Tuesday evening after my last final (!!). We spent the night in Richmond, and made it to DC by lunch time on Wednesday. We stayed in DC until Friday morning. We had great food, saw lots of sights, and of course I found a Christmas ornament to take home. I get an ornament every time we go on a trip, and I love seeing all of them on our tree at Christmas.
A gorgeous night in our Nation's Capital  
Sight seeing and Cardinals game fun  
 Reunited with two of my oldest friends 
 The last time we were all together in 2011-about six weeks before I met Nick  
We spent Friday through Sunday visiting friends in Baltimore. I have major pool enjoy after visiting their new house! We also got to catch two Cardinals games, which was fun, although the Cards played horribly.
I ended up with a B in Neuro, and a C+ in Research Methods, so I have been happy about that. Yes, I am sad that I made the first grade below I B that I've EVER made at Carolina, but I'm choosing to just be happy that summer school is over. Fall semester starts August 21st, so I am trying to enjoy myself as much as possible before then!
I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend!


  1. Enjoy every moment before school! Trip looked great and all of your outfits are so cute!

  2. I'm loving all of your Lilly! I'm glad y'all had a fun trip and that you could relax after your finals!

  3. Glad you had fun...and congratulations on the good grades. I knew you could do it! Don't worry about the C....I had a hard enough time getting C's at a community college.