Thursday, August 14, 2014

Counting DOWN!!!

In only fourteen short days, football season will be upon us. Just two weeks - I can't believe we're so close! That also makes me wonder where 2014 is going?! It's going so fast, I can't believe it is already August.
I thought I might go ahead and start posting about football, beginning with today's countdown. In fact, I think I might make this a regular topic through the fall. I may have guest posts from some of y'all if you're interested, and it won't always be USC related!
In the spirit of getting ready for college football, I thought I would share a few pictures. I enjoyed a little trip down memory lane looking for these on facebook. I couldn't help but smile looking through pictures. We had SO much fun in college. Living in the dorms was an unforgettable time. The only real regret (other than that I would have picked a different major) I have is dating the same lame person for the entire time, but I guess all is well that ends well. I am very happy and grateful to be with my husband Nick now.
 Auburn game, 2006
Despite the fact that my Mom is a Clemson alum, and I grew up near CU, I had never been to a college football game until I came to USC. The only football games I had been to were at my high school. My Mom just doesn't care much for sports. I still haven't been to a pro football game (although I would love to go to a Dallas Cowboys game). I still remember my first USC game vividly, and it was amazing!
 Me and my best friend Ashley in West Quad
Until I met Nick, the only college football games I had ever been to were USC games. He and I went to an Iowa game in 2012. It was so cold, but lots of fun.
 Tailgating for a USC game last year - I miss my blond hair

Is anyone else as excited as I am for football season?


  1. I don't care for sports in general, but I do loveeee football tailgates!!!! Bring on football season!

  2. I'm a die hard college FB fan! We have our SEC Kickoff party this Friday!