Thursday, March 13, 2014

Midweek Randoms

1. My wedding is in 45 days and I feel remarkably calm.
2. I L-O-V-E the bridesmaids dresses I chose! Ours are similar to this, but in light pink. I think the ruffles are really feminine.
3. I got my mom her very first Lilly Pulitzer item. I got her the Worth jeans and she loves them. Here she is teaching school in them yesterday.

4. I CANNOT WAIT until May. I am not taking any classes in Maymester so I can just come home from work and do whatever I want. I am taking two classes this summer.
5. I just have to say I LOVE my doctor. I was telling him how stressed out I was about school (now that the wedding is pretty much done), and he was so understanding and accommodating.
Have a great afternoon!



  1. You look a lot like your Mom. I noticed that on IG when you posted this picture. The bridesmaid dresses are gorgeous. Can't wait for pictures from the big DAY!

  2. Those bridesmaid dresses are fabulous! Your wedding is going to be absolutely gorgeous! Good for you letting the doctor know you were stressed. It's not a fun position! Happy 45 days til! :)

  3. hey our bridesmaid dresses look similar, cant wait to see the real ones :) :)

  4. Your bridesmaid dress is gorgeous!

  5. Wow, those bridesmaids dresses are beautiful!!