Monday, March 31, 2014

If You Knew Me...

If you knew me, you would know...
I love coffee and tea (hot tea, sweet tea, and unsweet tea if I am dieting).
I love pickles (especially fried pickles). Olives too!
Steak night is my favorite, and we have steaks almost every Sunday night. A nice bonus of dating someone in the industry Nick is in!
I hate talking on the phone.  I never answer my phone calls. Seriously, just text me I will answer that immediately.
I use baby talk when speaking to our dogs.
I absolutely love being from the South. The slowness you notice isn’t from unintelligence, it’s a slower pace of life.
I have a very hard time forgiving, and have been known to hold a grudge. I am **TRYING** to get better about this, it does not come to me naturally.
I love my best friends like they are my sisters, and try to be there for them no matter the time or place.
I'm an only child. That is probably part of the reason I am so close with several of my girlfriends. I've had the same friends since high school and/or college with a few additions in recent years.
I am excited for:
 Our wedding day!! (26 days y'all!)
And maybe even more so for the honeymoon!
My best friend having a baby in June.  Looks like he will probably be named Jamison. I call him George presently, which is what his five year old sister calls him, or sometimes Dennis after a man we met on my Bachelorette Weekend. The Dennis we met was quite a character, hence my suggestion that the new baby be named Dennis.
Waking up next to Nick for the rest of my life (well, on the weekends as he travels for his job).
Having time, energy, and more funds to get our home more together and decorated after the wedding is over.
Weekends on the lake this summer. I am still a little bitter and feel cheated about all the rain we got last summer. Last year we did not get our boat out once in the month of July because it rained almost Bring on the sun!
And lastly if you knew me you would know I got a little carried away at Pink Sorbet Saturday morning…

..and I really want to go back for the bow belt!
Happy Monday everyone.


  1. Love it! We're hoping to hit the lake more this Summer too. Oh, and camp more too!

  2. You're just too cute! Little Mermaid and all! :)

  3. We have so many things in common! Eeek, I'm getting so excited for you :-)

  4. Not forgiving isn't bad. It doesn't mean you are holding a grudge. It means that you are refusing to let someone hurt you again. Sometimes you have to remove people from your life in order to have peace. We can't always just pretend that something didn't happen. Not everyone is meant to be part of our lives. There are people that I haven't forgiven, and I am much better for it because I no longer have to worry about what they will do next, if I can really believe this or that, etc.