Friday, March 28, 2014

Bridal Meltdown

Friday is here, and not a moment too soon!!! I have had a crazy week, including TWO tests, and an unfortunate invitation mishap.
 Last night I wanted to go lay in the street and die. I was going to wait for a car to hit me. I was crying having a nuclear meltdown. I learned that my grandmother mailed out my wedding invitations with no return address, no address on the RSVP envelope, and no stamp on the RSVP envelope (although I provided enough stamps for both the invitations and RSVPs).
But, as sad and embarrassed as I am (now my invitations look redneck), I know am just going to have to say screw it and go on. It is really not what I wanted, and I should have done them myself, but it is done now.
I think this serves as a hard lesson for me that if you want something done a particular way, you need to take responsibility to do it yourself. I foolishly gave myself a pass on doing everything myself because I work full time and go to graduate school part time. 
{Love Sookie and my old job at the Islander reminds me of Merlottes!}
I really can't be mad at my grandmother because well, who would be mad at their own sweet grandmother? She was handling them as a favor to me.
 I hope your Friday is off to a better start than mine is!!!


  1. Oh no!

    Well all you can do now is move on. Who knows maybe one day you will look back and laugh about this.

    Hope you have a good weekend!

  2. Oh, no! Girl, I'm the queen of nuclear meltdowns when things do not go as planned. That's why I can never delegate. But I'm sure your wedding will be absolutely beautiful, and the RSVP is well worth a stamp to your guests! I hope you have a relaxing weekend!

  3. Honestly, I would have had a meltdown too, it's understandable. At least you're picking yourself back up! People will understand. I wouldn't even notice/care if an RSVP card had no stamp, I'd just stick one on there and send it.

  4. at least it was an honest mistake. and this is in NO WAY a foreshadowing of your upcoming marital bliss but to give you something to laugh about, Brandon's friend was getting married (we didn't think it was a good idea and they are now separated) and her and the fiance did the mailing of the invitations, he didn't place a single stamp on the return address cards and it made her cousin so mad that she didn't respond with her own stamp and when the bride to be called to asked will you be at the she (the cousin) responded with well yes but I couldn't send the RSVP back (there were additional tensions about other things)

  5. UGH!!!!!!!!! I would be sick too, but as you said, all you can do is move on. When I got married I made it a family event on Christmas Eve to stuff them.
    Well guess what?
    We got halfway through and my MIL said, wow.. there sure are a lot of stamps???
    We stuffed and sealed half of them WITHOUT stamps on the RSVPs..
    Soo... we took little knives and opened every envelope and corrected them. Thank GOD I had ordered personalized stickers for my hotel welcome bags with our name, wedding date, etc.
    We resealed the envelopes with that.
    Crisis averted!!!
    Hang in there.

  6. Well, the very formal way to have someone RSVP is to not even send an RSVP card. They have to send their own note back to you. So, let's just say you were going for that ;-) Luckily, in this day and age, there are so many ways for people to get in touch with you that if they don't know your address to send you the RSVP card, they can email, text or Facebook you.
    I would be feeling the same way you are, but if this is the worst thing that happens, pat yourself on the back. In the end, you'll be married and your wedding will have been wonderful!
    To make you feel better, I told the lady doing my flowers, absolutely no orange in any centerpieces at the reception because my main color was purple, and Lord knows, I did NOT want a Clemson themed wedding. But, lo and behold, the centerpieces' primary color of flower was orange when I arrived at the reception. Just had to shrug and move on- they were pretty! Just not what I was envisioning.
    See you Tuesday!!