Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Wedding Update

My sweet friend Ashley, who is one of my closest friends from college, joined our wedding party as a bridesmaid and I am THRILLED. 

My two local bridesmaids, Jessie and Jena, are super excited about having Ashley also.
Ashley and I lived together in the dorms at South Carolina and had so much fun. We also lived together for several years post college, and that might have been even more fun.
I will never forget the time we went on a ski trip and she fell off a mountain. She is really a beach person, and I don't think she ever plans on going on another ski trip.
I'll also never forget when we saw the first Paranormal Activity in the theatre and had to sleep with the lights on that night.
She was so good to me when I did pageants. She has spent many a Saturday getting up early to do my hair and makeup. She is also a retired pageant girl and is absolutely phenomenal at dance.
This is from a project I did in college. For the project I planned on own pretend wedding.
I feel very blessed to have such good friends in my life. I've been friends with Jessie and Jena since high school. I think soon I'll do a post with a little bit about each bridesmaid.
Friday we have an appointment for a cake tasting and I CANNOT WAIT. I am literally counting down the hours and saving my calories. Everyone says the woman we are meeting with is the best in Savannah.
I hope everyone has a great Tuesday!


  1. That is so exciting! I did a project of my dream wedding once! Too funny!

  2. You look HOT in that purple bikini!

  3. Cake tasting... yum :) Eat some for me haha!!