Thursday, October 23, 2014

Weekend Recap (on a Thursday)

I'm just getting over having strep (AGAIN), so here is my belated weekend recap. Today is the first day I've been at work this week. We had an absolutely wonderful weekend celebrating my college homecoming.
Friday we had dinner at Harper's. It was so good. The parmesan truffle fries are amazing! We went to my work event, but really only stayed just long enough for my boss's boss to see me. I think I was already starting to feel a little bit sick.
 My coworker Becky, who lives near me. We are going to start Real Housewives of Blythewood
Before the game Saturday
Nick and the Reverend (you may recognize Brock as the minister from our wedding pictures)
The game Saturday was a lot of fun, although I was already feeling tired and had a sore throat. I thought surely it was just allergies and thought there was no way I'd have strep again. Besides that, it was really fun to spend Saturday with our friends. After the game I went back to our house to get our dogs and brought them over to the Reverend's house. We had pizza from Pizza Man (a favorite of mine from college) and watched football for the rest of the day. Yadi had a ton of fun playing with the Reverend's dog, and Trinket was very popular with our friends' little girls.  
More coming soon. Our new bedroom furniture was delivered Tuesday evening, and I can't wait to do a bedroom post when I get everything together. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful Thursday!
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  1. Sorry you are sick again! You know my cure for everything: Ramen noodles (beef or pork is best).

  2. ugh I'm so sorry you had strep! hope you're feeling better! It's just awful to battle as an adult.