Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A College Halloween Story

**A warning of discretion, this is a very unladylike story and contains hygiene subject matter**
If you know me then you know I love Halloween. I love dressing up, and some of my most memorable Halloween's have been spent with my best friend Ashley. We had one Halloween weekend in particular in college that was spooky in it's own unique way. This is still one of the most bizarre things that I've ever encountered.
This was my first year at USC and I lived in suite style dorm (West Quad if you are familiar with USC). I had my own room and shared a hall and bathroom with another girl, Keisha. There was a common living area, and the another two bedrooms and a bathroom on the other side. I think by this point in the semester, both of the residents on the other side of the suite had left school.
The girl that lived on my side of the suite seemed nice, although a bit strange. I spent almost every waking second that I wasn't in class or at the gym with Ashley, who I knew from home, and I also had come to USC already having a long term serious boyfriend (which I don't recommend-date and enjoy college life!). I didn't really spend a ton of time at West Quad or get to know Keisha very well. We were friendly when we saw each other in passing, but that was the extent of our interaction except for the time or two I took her to the grocery store since she didn't have a car.
Thursday night of Halloween weekend we went out to a country western style bar that used to be in the Vista. As would usually happen, Ashley met this really hot guy and I ended up being her wingman all night since I had a boyfriend all through college. The guys we met were in the Army and both from Alabama, and if my memory serves me they were very good looking. We hung out with them in the Vista for several hours, and then left and went back to West Quad. They had a cooler in their truck that they brought in, and we were hanging out in the living area listening to the radio. From there things got a bit more rowdy, but not too out of control. It was just the four of us, so it wasn't like a loud party. I know at one point the two guys were being pretty noisy, and one of them bit a huge chunk out of a candle I had because I said that it smelled good enough to eat.
The next thing we know, there is a terrible commotion from Keisha's room. It sounded like things were being thrown against the wall. It would subside for a few minutes and then start back up again. We were confused at first, and as this progressed we all became concerned. We wondered if someone was attacking her in her room and if she was okay. We yelled asking if she was okay and never got a response. As this continued, it seemed like she was in her room alone and we didn't hear any signs of a  struggle so we didn't think she was in danger. We couldn't really decide what was happening, and ended up leaving to go eat at Waffle House.
Upon returning to West Quad, one of the guys and I opened the door to the hall that went to my room. Laying on the floor near my door was an enormous, very used maxi pad face up. I think I screamed in horror and the guy was completely disgusted. We didn't know if it was left on accident or on purpose. We dubbed it the "trick or treat."
I found it so weird that I spent that night and the next at Ashley's dorm, and didn't return to West Quad until really late Saturday night with a girlfriend. My friend spent the night and we got up around lunch on Sunday to the sounds of Keisha moving her things out.
To this day we have no idea if the maxi pad was a message of some kind or just accidently fell out of some trash or something. We also never had any idea why she moved out. In all of the rest of our time at Carolina, she was never seen again. Ashley and I will still occasionally recall her odd behavior, and the "trick or treat" she left in the hallway.  
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  1. Oh my gosh! That's too funny, but also so gross haha! I can't imagine walking into my room and seeing that!

  2. I can't decide if I am more weirded out by the maxi pad or the guy biting into the candle! If Keisha hadn't previously mentioned that she was planning to move out, then I suspect it was some sort of nasty prank.

    I think it's possible for a relationship to last through college, but everyone has different needs.

  3. Um that is weird. Oh we have so much in common, although I never had anything that gross happen.