Thursday, October 16, 2014

Homecoming 2014

Here's my obligatory yearly college homecoming post. You can see last year's post here. I work for the college I attended, and will be at a work event tomorrow night in celebration of homecoming. I am super excited about the Kenneth Cole dress I picked up yesterday to wear to it. College was such a crazy time - some of it good, and some of it bad. What really made it so amazing is the friends I made.
Some of my favorite classes were Dr. Willer's Sociology class, Daniel Freeman's Chemistry class, Cindy Flach's Jazz class (my soul MISSES dance), and Ann Dreher's Theatre Appreciation class (where I met my best friend for life, Benson).
I should add that if memory serves me, we also spent an ungodly amount of time watching tv. We were obsessed with Newlyweds with Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey (okay that was just me, but I forced everyone to watch it, and I will not let Nick get rid of it on DVD), The Bachelor, S&TC, and Flavor of Love.
 A typical night out
 Jerry dated one of my best friends in college and we have the same birthday
 One of Ashley's suitors took us out for a night of celebrating my graduation in 2007
This picture is terrible quality, but it is still one of my favorite pictures from college
The Gamecocks haven't been playing very well this season, but I am still excited to spend time with Nick and our friends at the game. I am planning on making this Skinny Poolside Dip from Pinterest. Has anyone tried it? It looks really good, so I am excited to try it out this weekend.  
What are/were some of your favorite things about college?
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  1. Love your throwback Thursday pics! Some of my favorite things weren't the "big" things--of course nights (many, many nights) in Five Points, Tiger Burn every year, football games, tailgates, trips to Charleston, and wine nights/movie marathons. Gosh, I miss college! I can't wait to see the dress you're wearing. I'm so sad I won't be there for the game!

  2. I liked that college gave us more freedom than high school. It's nice that you can just get up and go to the bathroom without asking permission, and if you need to take a "mental health day", you don't have to fake being sick just so you can miss class. I also felt that people in college were less concerned with cliques; you saw more people of different races, income levels, styles, etc. hanging out together.