Monday, November 11, 2013

Weekend Recap

We had a great weekend! I defiantly need to get reacquainted with the gym after being lazy swamped with school last week and eating terribly all weekend.
Saturday was spent watching football with Nick and going to Lowes.
Sunday I drove down to Charleston to attend a baby shower for one of my oldest and dearest friends.

Jamie and I have been friends for about 12 years. She and her husband are expecting a baby in December.

Those of you that know me IRL know I am a huge Gamecock fan and buying a Clemson bow for the baby was not easy. 
The weather in Charleston was perfect yesterday and it was SO hard to leave. I am really struggling with being at work today-just not feeling it at all.
Along with owning my own practice one day, having a weekend house in Charleston or Beaufort is my biggest caviar dream.
Happy Veteran's Day! On this day, I think of both sets of my grandparents. Both of my grandfathers are veterans. My friend the shower was for yesterday is mil spouse, and I see first hand how many sacrifices she and her husband have made during his service to our country.


  1. If I had my choice of a vacation home destinations it would be Lake James, NC!

  2. Both of my grandfathers are vets as well, and I am so grateful! Although I never met one of my grandfathers, I always love hearing my other grandfather's stories about his time in the service! I am so grateful to live in a country where men and women sacrifice their lives to protect my freedoms!

    And girl, I totally feel you about buying the Clemson bow (gross), and about working. I am not feeling this whole school/internship thing this week haha. I'm so excited for Thanksgiving break!