Monday, June 3, 2013

Our First Boating Adventure

I have to brag and say I am so proud of Nick for all the hard work he put into our boat. We used her for the first time this weekend. She is running great and everything is coming along with her restoration.

Yadi had his first lake adventure and he absolutely loved it. I want to get him a lifejacket soon, so please let me know if you know of any good K9 lifejackets.
I named our boat Savannah Leigh. The summer I was 13/14 I read Pat Conroy's Prince of Tides and loved it. Our mare was due to foal that coming spring, and I was going to name her foal Savannah Leigh, after the Savannah in the book. The baby horse was a boy, and is named Echo (my Mom still has him), so I recycled the name for our boat.
Speaking of Pat Conroy, how am I just now finding out that the house from The Great Santini and another favorite of mine, The Big Chill is for sale?!
Would you not just love to live there?

If I was already an SLP, and not a graduate student, I would be trying to find a way to make this ours.
I would love to one day own a vacation home in Beaufort. Nick has never been and I hope we can go this summer.
Have a terrific Monday. 


  1. Aww he's so cute on the boat!! Now, I always thought you shouldn't put dogs in life jackets, because they can naturally swim and the life jacket makes it harder on them if they do go over? I don't really know though, as princess Hawkeye would obviously never get in water.

  2. Lovely dog! I haven't been to Beaufort but would like to go someday.