Monday, March 18, 2013

St. Pat's Festival, Pinterest, etc.

The good news is that Nick was home this weekend and we had so much fun! I forget how incredibly lucky I am that I get to share my life with him. Sometimes I still can't believe my good luck. :)
The bad news is that I am exhausted today.
My friend Lauren spent the night and went with us to a festival on Saturday.
After spending way too long in search of a missing shamrock earring Saturday morning, it has come to my attention that I REALLY need to make some time to organize my jewelry.
I found things I didn't even remember I own.
I love how this little airplane is so dainty. For a few years I was into big pieces for accessories (probably from pageants), but now I'm getting into more delicate things.
I love to travel and my grandfather is a retired pilot, which makes this plane perfection. I really need to find a way to incorporate it into an outfit soon.
I have TONS of ideas pinned on Pinterest and I need a good kick in the pants to make them a reality. We have a walk in closet, so I have the space to get a little table or vanity and make a home for my jewelry. As it is currently, I dont' like things on on my counters, so all my jewelry is stored away and is a big mess.
I love these ideas.
Both images from Pinterest
Happy Monday everyone!! I hope it will pass quickly, I am ready to be back in my bed.


  1. You looked so cute! Glad you had a fun weekend.

    I got a cork board at Target (it's got a grey fabric cover) and I use that to hang all my necklaces like that last photo. And in the bathroom I use a 3 tiered serving tray from pampered chef to display stuff like perfumes and lotion!

  2. I love the St. Patty's day festival! SO glad we got it on Saturday two years in a row :)

  3. I have one of the mirror/jewelry chests and i love it. the front is a full length mirror and when you open it its full of space to hang and store jewelry.