Monday, March 2, 2015

Weekend Recap

First off, the good news is that it is March! Spring can't be far off now, and I am ready.
I had a fun filled weekend. I know now I will be scrambling to study for two tests that I have coming up, but it was nice to take a break. I spent the whole weekend at my Mom's house. Friday I got off of work a little early and drove to the upstate. I had dinner at the Islander and saw some old friends. Their food is SO good!! And very reasonably priced. A night out at the Islander is not what I am used to spending for night out at say Gervias and Vine, and their food is phenomenal.
Saturday morning my Mom and I went to get coffee and mani/pedis. We went to Tammy's in Clemson. Not only does Tammy have super reasonable prices, but she does a great job. She is so cute! I don't think my nails have ever looked this good. I will for sure be going back there.
I met my good friends the twins for lunch, and then wound up at the Islander again for supper that evening. Later that night my mom and I watched some old Gilmore Girls. Sunday before I left we went to see the Fifty Shades of Grey movie. The movie stayed pretty true to the book, and was pretty good. I really enjoyed it. I want to visit Seattle now! I think I also want a red Audi like Ana's.
If you enjoyed reading the book, you do not want to miss the movie. I didn't realize Dakota Johnson is Don Johnson's daughter. I really want to know if her Daddy saw the movie.
Have a wonderful Monday! I will be trying to get back into the grind. Barre and studying are on my agenda for tonight.
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  1. Yay glad you got to watch 50 Shades! I loved it and agree that it was pretty in line with the book~