Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Our Family Photos

 I got our family photos back Saturday, and I've spent way too much time looking at them. I just love them and cannot get enough!
Our Memorial Day weekend was kind of a bust. My husband worked all weekend. We are very, very blessed though, as Nick received a promotion recently. We had been praying for a long time that he would get this job. It is a wonderful opportunity, and a real answer to prayer.
I had to work on Monday. All we really did over the weekend was have a small cookout for just the two of us, watch a movie, and go to church.
Here are our new photos! It was important to me to include our dogs. These were taken at Folly Beach. I have never spent much time at FB. In fact, I think I've only been there once before our photos, and that was in high school when I was visiting a friend at C of C. I really fell in love on this trip, and want to go back. Nick absolutely loved it as well, and we may or may not have looked at fliers for homes for sale just for fun.

I also wanted to wear my Lilly because I love it. I may or may not have a cover up (I wear the tank dress as a cover up) and bathing suit on it's way to me now. Online shopping is generally not advised for those about to quit their job...
Happy Hump Day everyone!
 photo fran_zps8ed6144f.png


  1. I love these pictures. Especially the first one. Congratulations to Nick! I love Folly Beach. I would want to live near there if we could afford it right now.

  2. So cute. Haha Trinket's face in the first one is like 'nope! Busy! there's things going on here ma!'

  3. Congrats Nick! You photos are gorgeous!

  4. Oh my goodness! I love these photos! Beautiful!

  5. I love that you included your pups and that you wore Lilly! I'm telling you, Lilly gets me every single time-can't wait to see what goodies you scored :)

    xoox, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  6. They are gorgeous!! I'm a sucker for beach photos ;)