Wednesday, September 9, 2015

I'm Back!

I'm back! For today at least. Will I be back for good? We will see!

When I was still at my old job, I had a lot of time for blogging. I guess I always tried to keep quiet about it, as this would probably be frowned upon, but I had a lot of downtime at my old job and I didn't use it to work on work. I had been at that job for a long time and knew my responsibilities really well. I was at the university a total of seven years, and at that job for just over three years when I left. I could usually get my work done quickly and then use my time for blogging, online shopping, and even school. I even wrote several papers at work-you can't really beat that! 

I wasn't crazy about that job. I really enjoyed a lot of people that I worked with, but didn't enjoy the actual job duties. Well, since I have been gone, I have seen that for the above mentioned reasons I really did have it pretty good there. Plus I got a discount on tuition! So, I guess I have some mixed feelings on being gone. 

Moving right along, I had an absolutely WONDERFUL summer! I LOVED my placement with Lexington School District Two. I loved (most) of my students this summer and I learned a ton. There is only so much you learn in class - theory if you will. Well, I had a wonderful supervisor and she taught me so much about actual therapy and articulation placement this summer. 

We were also lucky enough to take several trips this summer. One of my favorites was spending several days in Hilton Head, with a stop in Beaufort on the way home. 

My placement ended the last week in July. Right now I am doing some substitute teaching, which I love, and other than that I am a graduate student and SAHW. 

Having time to actually be at home is wonderful! Our laundry is done, our house is clean, there are groceries in our house. When I was working and going to school, all of those things were a struggle. I was constantly short on time. Now if I need to do something like give one of the dogs a bath or go to the bank or post office, I DO IT! It really is a luxury. I am also still doing pure barre about twice a week. 
I have to say I am beyond blessed and so THANKFUL to have a generous and hard working husband. 

I have days where I am very productive. I've gotten several home improvement projects that we've been meaning to do for years accomplished. I will admit that I have had some not so productive days as well, but you need those from time to time. I can say I haven't really had a BAD day since I quit working. 

This semester is very full-even without working full time. My classes are hard, and I have several projects due. 

I do have some fun things on the horizon:
-KY game on Saturday (going to make these cookies)
-day trip to Charleston next week to spend the day with a dear friend who is here from OK visiting her family 
-a day trip to Sky Top Orchard!
-hosting a baby shower for a close friend in November 
-We have decided we want to move closer to the coast and build a new house when I graduate and start working! My Pinterest board for that is OOC. 

I hope y'all had a wonderful short work week and have a fabulous weekend! Go Cocks! 
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  1. I would adore being a SAHW, your right it just makes life easier when it comes to getting the chores and day to day tasks done. Maybe one day, a girl can dream. Sounds like you've had a fab summer and fall looks equally enjoyable! My blogging took a nose dive for the same reasons work got more involved and extra time and lunch breaks slipped away.

  2. It sounds like you've had a very busy schedule, which I can totally relate to! Being a SAHW is busy and hard, but so rewarding. Especially when you mix it with being a student! But I'm glad to see you back around at least for a little bit :)

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista